Beat Blocks VR (Released Game)

Beat Blocks VR is a VR arcade game for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. I had the opportunity to work on this project during the 7 months I worked at Payoff Technologies / RealityZ Studio in Lyon, France.

The Game

Available on Steam and the Oculus Store since 2018, Beat Blocks VR features a gameplay of space management, where the player grabs falling blocks with their VR controllers, and has to place them efficiently on a grid in order to create slabs that will disappear and give them points.

Our Intentions

Beat Blocks VR is inspired by games like Tetris and REZ, that manage to put the player in a state of flow, where the outside world disappears and the player is relaxed and focused on the action. To attain that state of flow, we made sure the interaction with the blocks is as simple and intuitive as possible, and synchronized the in-game VFXs with the soundtrack to keep the player focused, like in a rythm game.

My Roles

As a game designer and C# programmer, my roles on this project involved, among other things, the programming of the game in Unity, the playtesting and balancing of the levels, and the design of the blocks and grids for each levels in coordination with the lead game designer.