The First Coin (Released Game)

The First Coin is a hypercasual mobile game compilation released on Google Play and the App Store. I had the opportunity to be this project’s game designer when I arrived at Vertical game studio.

The Game

The First Coin is a mix between a mini games compilation and a clicker : the players can choose any of the available games, inspired by the hypercasual mobile game market, and progress through the overall metagame by winning coins exponentially when completing events and achievements, therefore unlocking new avatars.

My Contributions

On this project, my first task was the transformation of the existing prototype & design from the initial multiplayer game prototype, to the single-player version that exists today: redesigning the interface, the retention & free-to-play monetization mechanics, balancing and adding some risk-reward aspect to the mini-games…

Once that part was complete, I expanded the content of the game in collaboration with the rest of the project team : I wrote concept proposals for about 20 potential mini games, and followed through with the complete game and level design of a mini-game that was added.

After this version was ready, we released the game on the stores. I contributed to the store page descriptions and screenshots, and did a bit of ASO (App Store Optimization) and Live Ops (writing the update notes and updating the store pages).