Rocket Leave (Game Jam entry)

The Game

‘Rocket Leave’ is a puzzle-game created during the DreamHack Game Jam 2017, based on classic turn-based mechanics.

The earth is crumbling, and you need to rescue the survivors! You will have to cleverly use all your tools in order to bring them to the rocket before the rifts progress and surround them.

The production

The game was made in 72 hours and is downloadable here.​ I joined the team on short notice as they were missing a coder and their core idea was appealing to me.​ Communication was a bit challenging because of a 5 000 km gap between me & the other coder, but it worked!

My roles

I mainly worked as a C# programmer, essentially on the tile and the turn systems, the controllable units and the expansion of rifts and cracks at each turn.

Other minor works included gameplay & balancing tweaks.

The team

  • Victor FRECHARD: Game Designer & 3D Artist
  • Princesseuh: Programmer
  • Béatrice DUTARET: 2D Artist
  • Romain OLTRA: Pixel Artist