Sky of Steam (Solo project)

Sky of Steam is an open-world action-adventure game where the player controls a flying ship. I develop this game during my free time and it is still under ongoing development.

The Game

In a steampunk world of floating cities, rival factions at war & pirates, travel freely from island to island to get questsweaponry & ship repairs. Establish relationships with the various factions of the archipelago, vanquish the pirates to loot their ships, and take down their forts to rebuild your own!

A solo project

I started this game in 2018 as a challenge to see how far I could go on a solo project. I increased my scripting rigor & organization, extended my skill set with some more graphical abilities, and practiced open-world design with landmarks, difficulty progression, etc.

I try to design this game as a living, systemic world where the AI ships interact with each other even when the player isn’t acting. The faction system I put in place follows that philosophy, and taught me the basics of AI design and AI scripting.

Future Plans

While the current build already shows the first gameplay loops (quests, weapon acquisition, increasing relations with factions to get better quests) and contains a solid amount of weapons, towns & AI ships, I would like to push the concept further to make it feel more like a fully-fledged game : features like bounty hunting quests with procedurally generated targets, cargo ships to attack or defend, customisable ship paint & flag, a reputation system, and conquerable forts are considered as later improvements.

If you’re interested in hearing about the progression of the project, you can follow me on Twitter where I’ll post updates about it.