Newscraft (Released Game)

Newscraft is a serious game I contributed to while working at Vertical game studio. Designed as an educative tool for high school teachers and educators, it deals with journalism, fake news and bias in news sources.

The Game

Newscraft puts the player in the role of an aspiring journalist having to prove their worth to their new editor-in-chief. The player is tasked with collecting bits of information from other news sources and writing news articles with headlines & illustrations in accordance with the agenda of the newspaper they work for. Since the player is able to choose between 4 different newspapers when starting the game, each with its own set of values, it helps them understanding how the news they read in real life is oriented towards certain values depending of the source.

The game is available for Web, PC, Android, the App Store, Mac and Linux.

My Contributions

I joined the team working on this game near the end of the development, when the remaining design tasks that I took care of consisted mostly of balancing the game and designing and writing the in-game tutorial. To explain to the player the actions to perform with as few words as possible, we used short video loops I made explaining how to do said actions.